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rot starts at the base of the post - at the grade because of soil to wood contact. Microbes, moisture and fungus fuel the wood rot. Rot needs four elements to start and spread.  It cannot spread if it never starts. There is not enough oxygen below the surface or fuel for rot to exist.The posts rot where they exit the earth and soil, moisture and the elements cause the decay. The base of the post must be protected form soil.  Most home owners have observed this over the years, and all fence contractors know this fact. The fence posts rot and snap off right at ground level, or just below the ground, where the rot has spread.
The fence boards that are not in contact with the soil are still in good shape and have many years of life left in them.

You shouldn't have to replace an entire fence because the fence posts rot! The Post Collar Is The Answer!

The Post Collar Can Also Easily Be Installed To Existing Posts.

The rust-resistant galvanized steel shell protects  lawn equipment! One cut from a weed eater on a pressure treated post will expose the Fir that is treated. The post will rot in a matter of months! It is Fir inside that 1/8 inch or less of pressure treatment.

The fungus-resistant Butyl adhesive seals creates a seal protecting the post from the elements that cause rot. Nail or screw holes seal around the fastener, not damaging the lumbers resigns or pressure treatment. It is also resistant to termites and other insects.

In cold weather climates where the concrete freezes and cracks or what is called thaw/freeze. The Post Collar creates a buffer between the post and concrete eliminating this problem.

Inexpensive, installs in minutes, and significantly increases the lifespan of a wood post. Save trees, save money and eliminates the need to replace your fence for decades! They Work!

The Post Collar Works Period! Simple Effective, Practical. Money Back Guarantee!


We are now selecting companies world wide for distribution and possible licensing. A Golden opportunity!

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US PATENT 9,085,915